5 Best Popcorn Machines

If you’re looking to see a movie, you want to be in company. Whether anyone is available is besides the point. The tried and true companion to have while watching a movie is none other than popcorn.

I’m not talking about microwave popcorn either. I’m referring to movie theatre style popcorn. There’s only one way to get it, and that’s with a movie popcorn popper.

Here’s a quick list of the 5 best home movie theater popcorn makers:


Benchmark 11068 6 oz Home & Movie Theater Premiere Popcorn Machine

A movie theater popcorn machine with that Hollywood feel.

Benchmark 11087 8 oz Commercial Silver Professional Popcorn Machine

Sturdy and great for businesses and restaurants

Paragon 1112710 12 Oz Commercial Steel Professional Series Popcorn Machine

Another alternative if you’re looking to make popcorn at your business.

Benchmark 11060 6 oz Antique Style Street Vendor Popcorn Machine

This has that Coney island feel. Looks great with a trolley cart

Benchmark 11065 6 oz Metropolitan Movie Theater Art Deco Popcorn Machine

This art deco machine brings that South Beach feel

All of these poppers come in handy when you’re at your home movie theater. What machines do you recommend?